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Light Blaster Part 3 … Nina

The end of the year draws near and I have so much I want get finished (including 6 or 7 blog entries). Nina was in the studio a few weeks ago for a “Light Blaster” shoot as I had a few more ideas to test out.

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Alice Alabaster

This shoot posed a whole new range of problems….. Miss Alabaster saw a photo of me taken with a smart-phone that had one of those retro style camera apps, e.g “Hipstermatic”, “Retro-camera” etc. And wanted to do a shoot where her styling fitted to an 80’s look and the final images looked like they were faded old photos.


80s look web-191

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Studio 101 with Sarah

Last Friday was “Friday night shoot” time again. This time it was a starter course for first time studio users starting from the ground up covering all the basics including trigger, sync speed and different light formers.


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Migaro and Sylvain

This weeks Monday night shoot was again something totally different to the last few weeks. This week 2 models from Manigoo Models in Mannheim were out and about with me and Philip. Originally we were going to head up to Turmburg for a few sunset photos but light and weather conditions just weren’t in our favour. So we headed into a small underpass near the studio and had some fun with a strobist style shoot.

Manigoo shoot _ web-149


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Light Blaster Part 2 … Tips and tricks.

Here are a few things I have noticed about using the Light Blaster over the last week of playing around with it. If you have any other recommendation/ideas please let me know.

tanja_web-105Light Blaster Creative Kit (printed transparencies)- Effects


Light Blaster turns your system flash into a portable slide projector allowing you to project slide images onto or behind your subject. In consideration of the vast amount of existing slides, the potential of Light Blaster is infinite.

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Tanja (Light Blaster part 1 intro and basics)

The Light blaster is a portable adapter that allows you project 35mm slides using your system flash. A few years ago I remember seeing something similar and thought it was a fun idea (more about that latter). Recently I saw it in the catalogue from Enjoy Your Camera and had to try it out.


This was my first real shoot with the light blaster, I have tested it a bit over the last week but wait to blog any thing until I had really put it through good test.

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Pimp my Camera ….


My Zeiss 85mm lens hood has had a hard life. Its been dropped by a Polish taxi driver, used as a football by some kids at a wedding, broken and re-glued several times. I have though about ordering a new one several times but never could. This week I decided it needed some decorating to hide all the scratches in the black paint…..

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Lens Loops

This is the first product review on my new site :). Vadim from Lens Loops sent me a few samples of their cool new designed camera strap.


Lens Loops is an American start up company, their first product is a camera strap using car seatbelt webbing. It has a retro look to it and comes in several different colours and an XL version.



  • Made from high quality automotive seat-belt webbing, 5.1 cm (2 inchs) wide
  • Camera Connector designed to prevent accidental disconnects.
  • No seams, folds, or hardware on the inside surface to get snagged on clothing.
  • There is no bulky shoulder pad to slide out of position or get in your way.
  • Hardware made from top-quality steel, with attractive, industrial-grade finishes.
  • Rolls up compactly for storage in a camera bag.
  •  XL version is 45.7 cm (18 inches) longer than the standard version.


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