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The holidays are over and its time to get back to shooting. This week I was in the studio with new comer model Hailie and
Hee Tatt Ooi joined as guest photographer. Originally I want to shoot out in the trees but the weather didn’t let us, luckily i have a few hundred ideas back up in the back of my brain.




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Horror Movie….

Well this was one of those shoots that I will never forget. I had wanted to do a 1950’s B / Horror shoot for a while now, but Murphy’s law¬†kicked in and the chaos ensued….



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Pimp my Camera ….


My Zeiss 85mm lens hood has had a hard life. Its been dropped by a Polish taxi driver, used as a football by some kids at a wedding, broken and re-glued several times. I have though about ordering a new one several times but never could. This week I decided it needed some decorating to hide all the scratches in the black paint…..

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