Pimp my Camera ….


My Zeiss 85mm lens hood has had a hard life. Its been dropped by a Polish taxi driver, used as a football by some kids at a wedding, broken and re-glued several times. I have though about ordering a new one several times but never could. This week I decided it needed some decorating to hide all the scratches in the black paint…..

The idea was simple simply find a sticker I like and wrap it around the lens hood. After a bit of googleing I thought it would but funny to have a tiger skin lens. the funny thing is that no one seems to make tiger skin stickers for Zeiss 85mm lens hoods. So I guess that I’ll have to make my own. There are several people making stickers for laptops that are usable. Then I just cut it to fit….



So now I only have to decide what stickers will I buy next. No tigers were hurt during the making of this blog. 🙂

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