NEX Panorama….


In my opinion one of the coolest function of the Sony NEX range of cameras has to be the sweep panorama. The concept is simple you pan the camera in either a vertical or horizontal live while holding the shutter button down (and in panorama mode). once you have finished “sweeping” the camera stitches all the photos together and creates a panorama.



This all sounds great but at first its very frustrating. You need to swing the camera at the correct speed and and horizontal or vertical deviation can cause minor problems. If you look close at the image above you will see that that hand rail doesn’t quite match up properly. Also any thing moving in the photo can look very strange in the final image.


There are a few things I minor features I would like to see added/changed.

  • RAW support
  • Medium and Small swing options

The Raw support is simply to have better editing options in post production. Sometimes the panoramas are simply to big  so smaller options would be cool.


Unfortunately the panorama format isn’t best viewed on the internet but here are a few shots from our ski trip last January


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  1. John Koh says:

    I used pano function on the A77 and found that if I used a wide angle, the images can’t stitch. not sure if its the same for the nex too..

    • Scott says:

      How wide are you using? … guess over 16mm
      I think the distortion in the corners of ultra wide lenses may be your problem. the software cent find any matching point to stitch.

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