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freelensing …

Free-lensing is a  technique where you use your camera with the  lens removed! This method of shooting you use your lens detached from the camera but still held very closely, by holding your lens up to the camera (instead of attaching it) allows you to create a tilt-shift effect in your photos. With a bit of practice, you can even learn how to selectively focus on one thing, while everything else becomes blurred!



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Alice Alabaster

This shoot posed a whole new range of problems….. Miss Alabaster saw a photo of me taken with a smart-phone that had one of those retro style camera apps, e.g “Hipstermatic”, “Retro-camera” etc. And wanted to do a shoot where her styling fitted to an 80’s look and the final images looked like they were faded old photos.


80s look web-191

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Wireless Flash Remote Trigger for Sony NEX

I have seen a few different types of hot shoe adapters and flash triggers for the NEX range of cameras over the last few years. And I have been very happy with the simple JJC MSA-10 (ISO hot shoe adapter for nex) that I have been using, but last week i sew a dedicated trigger and receiver for only 14€  and thought I would give it a try.



My set was branded with the name WanSen but they may be distributed under several different names


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No Problem Praha….

Last week we were in Prague (Old Town) for a few days, I don’t think the temperature got above -1°c. I intended to shoot mostly monotone (Black and White) for several reasons.

  • The sky was always overcast and non-existent in any colour images.
  • The Prague atmosphere and Monotone fit well together
  • Low light just makes a black and white image moody
  • I constantly shoot colour in the studio and wanted a total change
  • I find that colours can be terribly distracting in some images and can take the focus away from your subject
  • I wanted to shoot based on composition and contrast
  • You can often turn a drab colour shot into a cool black and white.
  • It’s classic and elegant, even romantic and special.



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NEX Panorama….


In my opinion one of the coolest function of the Sony NEX range of cameras has to be the sweep panorama. The concept is simple you pan the camera in either a vertical or horizontal live while holding the shutter button down (and in panorama mode). once you have finished “sweeping” the camera stitches all the photos together and creates a panorama.


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Sony Alpha 99 vs Alpha 900


A few weeks ago I got to play with the A99 at Photokina. I have been using Minolta (and latter Sony) as long as I can remember so the A99 is a development that interested me. And how it compares to my A900….


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JJC MSA-10 ISO Hot Shoe Adapter For Sony Nex Cameras.

Intro and Description

JJC MSA-10 is a hot shoe adapter designed for use with the Sony NEX cameras inbuilt Smart Accessory Terminal. This adapter enable users to attach any wireless trigger system or flash unit onto the SONY NEX. The hotshoe mount is designed to fire your flashes with a radio trigger attached. While it is possible to attach a flash unit directly onto the hotshoe, it is not recommended as the weight of the flash may not be fully supported by the mount. We tested it on a NEX 5 and a NEX C3.


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