JJC MSA-10 ISO Hot Shoe Adapter For Sony Nex Cameras.

Intro and Description

JJC MSA-10 is a hot shoe adapter designed for use with the Sony NEX cameras inbuilt Smart Accessory Terminal. This adapter enable users to attach any wireless trigger system or flash unit onto the SONY NEX. The hotshoe mount is designed to fire your flashes with a radio trigger attached. While it is possible to attach a flash unit directly onto the hotshoe, it is not recommended as the weight of the flash may not be fully supported by the mount. We tested it on a NEX 5 and a NEX C3.



Package Contents:
JJC MSA-10 X 1
Very small screwdriver X1 (useless for attaching the hotshot. I gave mine to my 3 year old daughter and she gave it to gave Barbie doll. Barbie has started to repair all the item in the doll house)



This is a very nice toy to have if you are interested in using your Sony NEX in the studio. I cost aroung 30€ and is something that IMHO I should have got the day I bough the NEX. At Photokina this year Sony launched the NEX 6 that has an ISO hotshoe instead of the normal Sony/Minolta style hotshoe. But for me personally it is nice to be able to sync my NEX in the studio when I’m just wanting to test or play around in the studio. I could also sync at speeds of 1/320th of a second due to the fact that the NEX dosent have a mirror to move. What I need to do is find out how to turn the in camera intelligent preview feature off. The problem is that in the studio I only have the modelling lamps from the Bowens flash heads on. The NEX 5 looks at my settings and meters the available light (it doesn’t know that I’m attached to a studio flash) and only shows me an intelligent preview of what it thinks the final photo will look like. Naturally this image on the screen is several stops under exposed making it very hard to focus. I word around this my setting all the modelling lamps to full power instead of Proportional setting that I normally like to use.

Fitting the Hotshoe with the supplied screwdriver was a joke. Its way to small for the scew that attaches the hotshoe to the camera. The adapter also feels a bit flimsy, I was at first scared to really do the screw up tight in-case the whole thing broke. But in the end I did it up tight (with a decent screw driver that we have in the studio tool kit) and it held very firmly.



A special thanks to my 2 models who helped me out with a few test photos ….



3 Responses to 'JJC MSA-10 ISO Hot Shoe Adapter For Sony Nex Cameras.'

  1. Mark Shirley says:

    Hi I want to fire my Bowens esprite flash using my Sony nex5n – will this work if I connect a pocket wizard to it. Plus I don’t get the screwdriver bit had it got to be screwed on.

    • Scott Lewis says:

      I haven’t used pocket wizards on mine but lots of different triggers and never had a problem. As long as the 5N has the same flash mount, as my old nex so you replace the pop up flash with the MSA-10. By unscrewing the old pop up flash and replacing it with the hot shoe.

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