The holidays are over and its time to get back to shooting. This week I was in the studio with new comer model Hailie and
Hee Tatt Ooi joined as guest photographer. Originally I want to shoot out in the trees but the weather didn’t let us, luckily i have a few hundred ideas back up in the back of my brain.




Roughly based on what i wanted to do outside we move the shoot into our studio, but there is always another day to re shoot that…





I have use the strips of red and blue material once before and think its an idea I want to explore more. I have a few ideas that I could put into action but my look into getting some other colours.
90% of the shoot was done at f4.5 using only 1 Bowens 400ws flash head most of the shoot (set camera right with either a large octo-box or a medium soft-box). To end the shoot of we used my ring light just so we had something with a totally different look.






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