Björn II ….

Last time Björn S was in the studio I had to rush of due to a minor emergence so it was time to apologise and  finish off our shoot. Like the last few shoot we started off out doors to catch the last rays of sunlight then moved into the studio.

Bjorn II -110



My fellow photographer this week was Stefanie K who I have wanted to shoot with for a while so I was very happy that it worked out and we got to finally shoot together.


Bjorn II -103

Our first location was down near the river, a location the Björn found and recommended. I was a point along the Rhine river where a lot of drift wood had gathered and washed up recently when the river levels were much higher. How cool is that when the models actually scout locations and actively bring shooting ideas with them no matter how many mosquitoes attack you during the shoot. We managed to make to catch the light of sun as it set over Alsace and the Rhineland-Palatinate. I pulled an old Tokina 70-200 2.8 out of my lens cupboard as it has been sitting there for years unused. Unfortunately I didn’t notice until latter (when I was pixel peaking) that it has a back focus issue and in 90% of the photos the ears were sharp and not the eye, this isn’t a problem when you look at the pictures in a small format (but I found it annoying and will be  doing a micro adjust for this lens in the near future)

Bjorn II -100

Bjorn II -101

Bjorn II -102

Bjorn II -105

Once we were in the studio it was time to pick up from where we left off last time. As shoot preparation Björn and I had talked a bit about the look and decided that a classic black suit and tie would be a start point and we would then just take it from there.

Bjorn II -108

Bjorn II -110

Bjorn II -113

Bjorn II -114

Bjorn II -125

As for lighting I built one of my favourite lighting set up, It is basically a giant ring flash built out of soft-boxes, this is a simple set up for head / upper body shoots.  and as you move to a longer full body shot simply move the flashes further out from your subject (don’t forget to take the inverse square law into account).



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  1. steve says:

    Why do I have to think “Pulp Fiction” or “Resivour Dogs” when i look at this.
    Is it true you will be back in 2014?

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