Migaro and Sylvain

This weeks Monday night shoot was again something totally different to the last few weeks. This week 2 models from Manigoo Models in Mannheim were out and about with me and Philip. Originally we were going to head up to Turmburg for a few sunset photos but light and weather conditions just weren’t in our favour. So we headed into a small underpass near the studio and had some fun with a strobist style shoot.

Manigoo shoot _ web-149


We started off separating into 2 groups (1 photographer and 1 model :)) , then after a while we swapped models. We deliberately had a limited amount of  limited lighting equipment betweens us this way we keep things fast, simple
and mobile. Migaro and Sylvain were both very cool and relaxed, and adapted to the change it the planed shoot and I hope they both had a lot of fun.

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We both had 1 flash and 1 trigger to use, and betweens 3 light modifiers : a Round-flash,  a beauty dish, and a small soft box.

Manigoo shoot _ web-115

Manigoo shoot _ web-118

Manigoo shoot _ web-122

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Our location was an old but still well used underpass (pedestrian subway) that posed several difficulties including

  • Constant foot traffic. You needed to keep an eye on your equipment as well as the shoot.
  • White balance. There was several typed of lighting used that included tungsten, florescent and our flashes .
  • Mobility. Constantly moving around in a confined space with light stands can get annoying.



Manigoo shoot _ web-113

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To finish the shoot off on a different note we walked down to the Alb river and shot a few long exposures with a bit of light painting over the river. Unfortunately we hadn’t planed this and no one had a tripod with them so we used a light stand as a makeshift tripod.

Manigoo shoot _ web-156

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  1. Marco says:

    Beautiful pictures… let the world be you second studio!

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