Studio 101 with Sarah

Last Friday was “Friday night shoot” time again. This time it was a starter course for first time studio users starting from the ground up covering all the basics including trigger, sync speed and different light formers.



Fellow light giant Philip organised local model Sarah who did a great job considering how long she modelled, 5 hours latter she was still in an energetic peppy mood. We went through all the basic light formers including large and small soft-box, beauty dish and honeycomb filters. Latter we covered different lighting positions e.g Key light, Rim light Hair light etc and their effect not only on the model but also background and how the distance between light source, model and background are all connected to the final image.







After a few hours It was time to let the Bowens flash heads cool down a bit and we shot with some constant lighting. Here we use a simple ring light set up and a powerful spot light, the spot light had different gels on it so we could easily change the look of the bokeh (which was just a cheap silver beaded door hanging that reflected the light of the colour gels)




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