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This is the first product review on my new site :). Vadim from Lens Loops sent me a few samples of their cool new designed camera strap.


Lens Loops is an American start up company, their first product is a camera strap using car seatbelt webbing. It has a retro look to it and comes in several different colours and an XL version.



  • Made from high quality automotive seat-belt webbing, 5.1 cm (2 inchs) wide
  • Camera Connector designed to prevent accidental disconnects.
  • No seams, folds, or hardware on the inside surface to get snagged on clothing.
  • There is no bulky shoulder pad to slide out of position or get in your way.
  • Hardware made from top-quality steel, with attractive, industrial-grade finishes.
  • Rolls up compactly for storage in a camera bag.
  •  XL version is 45.7 cm (18 inches) longer than the standard version.


At first I wondered how comfortable it would be, with no padding and only seatbelt canvas. The good news is the width of the strap distributes the cameras weight nicely (even with a vertical grip and large lens). It feels secure and stable when you wear it.




  • Lens Loop camera slings take the weight of a camera off of the photographer’s neck and rest it on his shoulder.
  • The camera is kept safe and out of the way at hip level when not in use, and slides effortlessly to ready to take a shot.
  • A standard Strap cost $35.00(US) and XL strap costs $45.00
  • Extra camera connectors cost $8.75(US)
  • Only really good for any one shooting with 1 camera
  • Extremely comfortable and easy pack in your camera bag.
  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Does not twist like other camera straps
  • Easy to adjust.

If I was only shooting with one camera I would stick with this strap. I looks different and is comfortable. Maybe they will work or a 2 camera harness ….

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  1. Nice Review! I know that cam…. 😀
    I like the straps… they look a little bit retro… 🙂

  2. Markus says:

    Nice review, cool pics.

    I (think i) saw the strap on the studio party, loved it.

    do they have a german reseller? it doesn’t say .de or .com on aboves amazon.

    i want one. although i also love my crumpler strap.

  3. Häns says:

    Cool, want one

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