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RoundFlash Mobile Softbox

And I have a new toy to write about. The RoundFlash Mobile Softbox 45 cm  is the first real solution I have found for converting your system flash into a ring flash. I have tried a few different variations over the years but was never happy with the results. After we all had a play with Toms one way back at the Palm Valley shoot, 10 of us put our money together and bought in bulk….




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Tina and Cihan

As if history was repeating itself one week latter I had another multicultural wedding, and again is was the sister of a wedding I had photographed last year. This time it was a German Turkish wedding. As a small surprise a Turkish band met the couple on their way to the reception, and every body started to dance.


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Melanie and Arnaud

I love photographing multi cultural weddings, the mixing of 2 world in the festivities of a wedding. Melanie from Germany and Arnaud from France, their countries are only separated by a river. In fact their villages are only 15 minutes drive apart, but it took a chance meeting Spain to bring them together.

I photographed Melanie’s brothers wedding last year so when she asked me shoot hers as well i took it as a compliment.


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