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RoundFlash Mobile Softbox

And I have a new toy to write about. The RoundFlash Mobile Softbox 45 cm  is the first real solution I have found for converting your system flash into a ring flash. I have tried a few different variations over the years but was never happy with the results. After we all had a play with Toms one way back at the Palm Valley shoot, 10 of us put our money together and bought in bulk….




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Barbie beatdown …

A busy week of bloging this week. Lots and lots going on, Monday night as usual I was out shooting with another photographer. This time Christine “Just in time” Lutz was out and about with me and Model Barbie Beatdown. The idea behind this shoot was to get out of the studio and shoot with our RoundFlash adapters.

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Black Swan…

My Monday night studio project keeps rolling on … this Time I shot with one of my favourite photographers and long time friend Arpad. We haven’t actually shot together in years and last ime the police turned up, but that is a story for another day. Lisa was there doing here make up magic again and a special thanks to *Nadschi* for her fantastic modelling.



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Walimex Beauty Ring Light 50W

Walimex Beauty Ring Light 50W


I picked this up on E-Bay last week as a spontaneous purchase. It cost me about 90€ but usually sells for around 99€ (only a minor saving). I have been looking for a cheap powerful ring light for a wile. I have a powerful ring flash but its minimum setting is to powerful for any narrow D.O.F with out adding an ND filter. I laso wanted something that uses mains power so I don’t have to think about battery packs when I’m in the studio.



I have mixed feelings about Walimex can be very hit and miss with their quality control. We have had large Octo-boxes simply fall off the studio flash…. and that was from the supposedly PRO range. But then their air cushioned large light stand was a great buy and has outlasted even more expensive brands.

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