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The many colours of Faye

A while back I saw some cool photos using colour gels as a foreground, I wanted to use this idea and push it a bit further. But first I had to work out how exactly to light it for the affect I was looking for.

many colours of faye_small-105

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Sarah with a Feather

I meet Sarah Tam when she modelled at one of out lightGIANTS Friday night workshops. But like all the workshops I don’t really get much of a chance to shoot, just do lighting tests. But we got talking and threw a few ideas back and forth. Unfortunately it took us a few months to find a date where we both had time….

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Applying make-up during the infancy of film

I found this while searching for some extreme make up tips (for project shoots latter this year). For fom reason i thought it was cool and would shear it with the world. It is an early guideline for applying make-up during the infancy of film. Colors and bone structure had to be exaggerated and contradictory for the lighting and cameras to broadcast a natural look.

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Black Swan…

My Monday night studio project keeps rolling on … this Time I shot with one of my favourite photographers and long time friend Arpad. We haven’t actually shot together in years and last ime the police turned up, but that is a story for another day. Lisa was there doing here make up magic again and a special thanks to *Nadschi* for her fantastic modelling.



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I was in Munich all last week and meet up with some great people from the “Flickr Munich Photo Walk” group (but more about that another day). I got back late Friday night just in time for the “Last Friday of the month shoot” at the lightGIANTS studio.

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For my second post I thought it would be a good idea to post a few photos of my make up artist. Lisa and I have been working together on a lot of projects over the last 12 months. She has been both model and make up artist on several shoots and workshops in the lightGIANTS studio.


About 2 months ago she asked me to if we could do a portrait session that wasn’t based around any workshop¬† or other project. The only problem was finding time …

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