The many colours of Faye

A while back I saw some cool photos using colour gels as a foreground, I wanted to use this idea and push it a bit further. But first I had to work out how exactly to light it for the affect I was looking for.

many colours of faye_small-105

Faye who modelled for the Tank girl shoot modeled again. My original ideas of using strip-lights from the sides failed miserably, after 2 or 3 attempts it hit me …..

many colours of faye_small-111

many colours of faye_small-113

many colours of faye_small-115

many colours of faye_small-121

many colours of faye_small-124

many colours of faye_small-126

many colours of faye_small-130

many colours of faye_small-132

The final set up was very easy with a small parabolic dish on a naked Bowens Gemini 400ws flash pointed at the background and another  Bowens Gemini 400ws (with a honeycomb grid) on a boom arm high above the camera. The largest problem I had finding the right set up was avoiding hot-spots from my flashes on the colour gels.

diagram_medium (1)

Finally we shot for a wile with out any gels  for a wile just so we had another look. I hope  “Julia Schülie” enjoyed her first studio shoot 🙂


many colours of faye_small-135


many colours of faye_small-104

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