Sarah with a Feather

I meet Sarah Tam when she modelled at one of out lightGIANTS Friday night workshops. But like all the workshops I don’t really get much of a chance to shoot, just do lighting tests. But we got talking and threw a few ideas back and forth. Unfortunately it took us a few months to find a date where we both had time….


I had a few different lighting concepts in my head but they were mostly based around a large soft-box in close to the model and then 2 or 3 flashes with several colour gels pointed at a white background. So we stared off with Head solder portraits.

Sarah_smal-107 Sarah_smal-112 Sarah_smal-116To see the difference between with and with out colour on the background I shot a few photos with out any light on the background.



As Sarah changed outfits, I changed the lights. The  next set up was basically the same but I moved the soft-box (and myself) further back into the studio.  From this position we shot 3/4 body, also for a totally different look I removed the gels but left the flash on almost full power so a lot of light flooded the model.

Sarah_smal-126 Sarah_smal-130 Sarah_smal-132So up until now there wasn’t actually a lot of different in the the lights I used only, different power levels, with or with out colour gels, or simply turning flashes on or off……

For the last set I actually went constant lighting and mounted my ring light off camera on a light stand and then filled the background with another light source to give separation and a warm look.

Sarah_smal-137 Sarah_smal-140diagram_mediumThanks Sarah I had a lot of fun and look forward to a few more shoots together this year.










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  1. Frank says:

    Great series of shots Scott. Also really like the web page design

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