Studio in a Bag …. Part 2

Quenox Light Shaper Kit for External Flash

There are a lot of things that are going to have to fit into my lighting bag, one of the first things I want to try out is Quenox Light Shaper Kit for External Flash. The kit itself is designed to fit any systems flash and comes with a variety of light modifiers. This is just my first impressions as I took them out of the box to play with, I have a few shoots planed in the next few months to really test them out.


kit II-100 It all comes in a nicely presented in a big white box and sells for €72,99, although it all fits in there very nicely its to bulky for my lighting bag and will have to be stripped down.

Included in the kit

  • 1 softbox approx. 19.5 x 30 x 18.5 cm
  • 1 domed diffuser
  • 1 honeycomb with 2 different honeycombs
  • 1 snoot with removable honey comb
  • 1 filter holder (designed for cokin P filters)
  • 2 universal adapters (for flashes with a flash head that has a size of up to 5,0 x 7,6cm)

When you are looking at the photos below you will see several photos where I have simply tested the light spread of each of the light modifiers. They are all shot at f/4.0 ISO 100 1/125th with a 50mm lens and are just over 1m from a white wall. I will cover the soft box and Cokin holder next time as it is just to much for just one blog.


kit III-100

Domed diffuser spreading light over about 120° angle 

First off is the Domed diffuser it sprays soft light every where kind of like a shoot through umbrella with out losing a lot of light out the back. I should make a great soft fill light…

kit III-101

Light from the dome spread every where on the wall 

One of modifiers I enjoyed the most was the snoot. I have made a few DIY snoots in the past using straws and cardboard in the past, but none worked as effectively or as easy as this one

kit IV-100

kit IV-101

kit IV-102

Very controlled and directional light from the snoot. 

The honeycomb grid holder is something I will defiantly be adding to my travelling light kit, because of its compact size. It includes 2 different sized grids, giving you 3 different light spread option.

kit V-100

The 3 photos below show the different light spread combinations possible depending on which honeycombs you have in. The first photo has the thin grid, the second is the fat grid and the bottom is a combination of both of them.

kit V-101

kit V-102

kit V-103

I will be out shooting with them very soon and will be able to give you a better run down.


Technical details

Softbox: plastics, size approx. 19,5 x 30 x 18,5 cm, weight approx. 140g

Diffuser: plastics, diameter approx. 15cm, depth approx. 3,8cm

Honeycomb: plastics, length approx. 7,8cm, front approx. 8,2cm

Snoot: plastics, length approx. 16cm, front approx. 5cm

Filter holder: plastics, suits for square 3,5 x 3,5 Inch filters

Adapters: plastics, fit for flashguns with a flash head that has a size of up to 5,0 x 7,6cm

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