Studio in a bag Part III … Nina and the Hexagonal mobile softbox Diffuser-40

Nina jumped in last minute to fill in ….. and saved the day. So before I do any more thanks so much.


The first real item test for my studio in a bag is the  40 cm Hexagonal mobile softbox Diffuser from SMDC. OK it cost slightly more than my 100€ budget (€104,99) but its worth it. In fact its worth spending that little bit more and getting an even bigger one  (but more about that latter). Here is a first look test shoot and it will be followed up with a more detailed review in a few weeks after I have done a few more shoots with it.

Product Features

  • Patented quick-release folding system for fast and convenient set-up. Folds away in seconds!
  • Light weight,  Durable & Portability
  • High quality construction for high quality soft light
  • Perfect for  photographers on the go!
  •  40cm(17″) Diameter; 17x 15″ hexagon

SONY DSC Very little light loss from the back of the soft-box. 


At the start of the week I posted a small photo on Facebook of a small studio in a bag set up, and this was the mystery item in the bag. It collapses down like an umbrella  and comes in a robust carry case


 2 FlashStudio in a bag” with a ROUNDFLASH  and a 40cm  Hexagonal softbox. 

 First impression is it can take a few knocks and comes with a few replacement parts just in-case. Its quick and easy to set up and is very portable. Easily adjustable to fit any flash trigger combination. I found 40cm adequate for head shoulder portraits but you may want to look at larger sizes like the 50cm or 60cm versions (they don’t cost that much extra).

 Technical details

Material: plastics, metall, fabric
Dimension of softbox: 38 cm x 45 cm x 21 cm (length x width x depth)
Dimension incl. flash bracket: 31 cm (depth)
Hole for flashgun head: 6 cm x 9 cm (height x width)
Weight (inc. flash bracket): 465 g
Tilt angle (for- and backwards): 170°
Adjusting range of flash bracket: 7 cm
Adjusting height: 7 cm
Flash stand: Standard ISO
Connection for tripod: 16 mm spigot, 1/4″-thread

I have a few more tests planed in the next months, and cant wait to try it outside the studio. But back to the shoot with Nina. As she jumped in last minute because my other model couldn’t make it we kind of improvised with a 78cm ( 28″) feather  cape.




Other than the small  Hexa-box, I also shot here with a large Octo-box and a round-flash with the  Hexagonal soft box as hair light.

nina feather_ web-130

nina feather_ web-142

nina feather_ web-145


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