Black and White with Nadine

I have quite a few shoots on at them moment and wont have time to blog them all but I’ll do my best to blog as much as I can especially the lighting setups



I suggested a pure monotone shoot to Nadine as I have done some much colour lately I wanted to do something else.  I shot with a grided Bowens 400ws pointing behind the model pointing at the background. The key light was was another Bowens 400ws  mono-block camera left durunf the shoot I swithced between a 160cm octobox and a 80x60cm softbox. Finally for part of the shoot I had a 60x60cm soft box  up high and directly behind the camera as fill light.





For part of the shoot I use a reflector to fill in under the hat but other then that the only changes id did during the shoot was either to turn the fill flash on or off.


diagram_mediumthat complete set up


Thanks Nadine for putting in so much effort and bringing so many out fits with you 🙂




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  1. ailukewitsch says:

    Great job, as always.

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