Fate & Failure ….

A while back I shot a vampire musical by Johann Günther which was a lot of fun. So when he ask me to shoot a few promotional photos for his upcoming musical “Fate & Failure” I jumped at the opportunity.



When I found out it was a period piece my first thought were to shoot the portraits with a collodion (glass plate photography). But I just didn’t have the time or budget to organise it …. So I had to fake it.  There is a plug in for light room from DXO called DXO Film Packs that allow me to emulate al lot of analogue film and print styles during my normal raw workflow. I could simply develop my raw data in Lightroom and then add some special affects via textures, light leaks and frames quicker and easier then using Photoshop to get the very old photo look I wanted.

Drag your mouse over the picture for a before and after

Before/After Image Crossfade by The Traveling Designer

I was surprised to see a friend of mine Lisa doing her make up magic. We used to work together a lot back in the early days of lightGIANTS studio so it was cool to catch up just briefly. As for the lighting I used the equipment that had there. I wanted to keep it as simple as I could and used Felix Nadar as an inspiration, luckily they actually have a few basic strobes and light modifiers 🙂

diagram_mediumThe whole shoot was based around 1 basic set up, a large beauty dish with a honey comb grid as key light and a small soft box as hair/rim light















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  1. Christian says:

    You can get the a huge discount now from Profifoto or the old version for free.


    • Scott Lewis says:

      yeap there used to be an offer like that from Sony but I couldn’t find the link any more …. Thanks

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