Walimex Beauty Ring Light 50W

Walimex Beauty Ring Light 50W


I picked this up on E-Bay last week as a spontaneous purchase. It cost me about 90€ but usually sells for around 99€ (only a minor saving). I have been looking for a cheap powerful ring light for a wile. I have a powerful ring flash but its minimum setting is to powerful for any narrow D.O.F with out adding an ND filter. I laso wanted something that uses mains power so I don’t have to think about battery packs when I’m in the studio.



I have mixed feelings about Walimex products.it can be very hit and miss with their quality control. We have had large Octo-boxes simply fall off the studio flash…. and that was from the supposedly PRO range. But then their air cushioned large light stand was a great buy and has outlasted even more expensive brands.



Dimensions (LxWxH) approx. 36x36x8.5cm
Diameter Ring Light/Reflector approx. 36cm
Diameter Lens Opening approx. 10cm
Output in Lux approx. 230 Lux
Output in Watt 50W (1x22W, 1x28W)
Voltage AC 200-240V, 50Hz
Color Temperature approx. 5300-5500K
Weight approx. 1500g
Material plastic

Ill be in the studio testing it next week and will blog the results and also do a ring light vs ring flash blog

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  1. Scott says:

    Just found out its also sold under the name Falcon Eyes Ring Light RFL-2 50W

  2. Nikolas says:

    Hi Scott
    So what so you think about this Tool? Let us know.

    • Scott says:

      Hi I have used it for several shoots now and find it an easy piratical light source with a cool affect.
      Its a bit cumbersome to use with large cameras e.g full format with vertical grip or medium format cameras but noting I cant live with.

      It my be slightly over priced after all it is just basically a few florescent tubes and a switch but then again im always out to get my kit as cheap as I can any way.

      It is a lot of fun if you mix it with show back lighting or hair lighting see my NORA shoot for examples

      If you want to shoot at f2.8 or faster its defiantly worth looking into

      Hope that helps

      • Marta Mua says:

        Hi Scott, I just noticed your post and wonder if you’d recommend this light for an amateur for simple YouTube videos. I need something hassle free that would light my face (and bit of the background) the way I could show my make up (I.e. small details, right colour temperature). Cheers, Marta x

        • Scott Lewis says:

          its a simple easy light source for video. its constant beauty style lighting would be perfect for make up videos

          • Marta Mua says:

            Thank you for your reply:) I wonder what would the difference be in videos if I used the beauty light or of I used the regular ring light? E.g. This one http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B001TR9GSU/ref=redir_mdp_mobile

          • Scott Lewis says:

            the one in your link is only 40w … that’s not a lot of power. it will need to be close and have a narrow depth of field. do you have a budget on what you want to spend and what country do you live in?

          • Marta Mua says:

            I live in UK and was thinking about spending around £100 max, I’m not a professional and it’s only for the benefit of my make up videos so I would need something as effective and easy to use as possible. Apart from the strength of light (my friend uses the below 40W for the same purpose and she’s happy with it but then she’s got a better lens and a full frame camera) what is the difference between them? The plate behind the light, does this give a similar effect to a beauty dish? Sorry to bother u again! I feel that in UK we don’t have much choice when it comes to more affordable lighting…

          • Scott Lewis says:

            I dont know what the market is like in the UK but I bet for £100 you can get some great lights…

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