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Félix Nadar



There is a photographer that has fascinated me for years “Félix Nadar”. Félix Nadar was the pseudonym of  ”Gaspard-Félix Tournachon” born in April 1820 in Paris and died in March 1910. Nadar was a photographer, and a friend of the painters, writers, and intellectuals in Paris during the time of Napoleon III. As an early pioneer of portrait photography he developed lighting concepts that are the basis studio work today. Earlier this year we were in Avignon and stumbled across a museum with an exhibit of over 100 of his photos, you can’t imagine how ecstatic I was to actually see his work up close ….



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Melanie and Arnaud

I love photographing multi cultural weddings, the mixing of 2 world in the festivities of a wedding. Melanie from Germany and Arnaud from France, their countries are only separated by a river. In fact their villages are only 15 minutes drive apart, but it took a chance meeting Spain to bring them together.

I photographed Melanie’s brothers wedding last year so when she asked me shoot hers as well i took it as a compliment.


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