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Karlsruhe 1932 … Part 2

This may be the last batch of scans for a while, as the rest of the glass negatives are either highly over or under exposed. The standard software that comes with my scanner isn’t the best. It looks like i will probably have to invest in Silverfast or some thing similar.

ka scan 1938 lump-213

“Schloss Karlsruhe”

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Karlsruhe 1932 … Part 1

Recently we were at “my Wife’s, Uncle’s, Partner’s birthday”. During dinner she remarked “Scott I have something for you”…. My ears picked up and was curious as to what she had. It turns out she was cleaning out her cupboards and found a box of 100 old glass negatives of Karlsruhe (the city in Germany where we live). The photos were taken by her long dead husbands farther. i.e my Wife’s, Uncle’s, Partner’s, ex- Farther in-law.


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Melanie and Arnaud

I love photographing multi cultural weddings, the mixing of 2 world in the festivities of a wedding. Melanie from Germany and Arnaud from France, their countries are only separated by a river. In fact their villages are only 15 minutes drive apart, but it took a chance meeting Spain to bring them together.

I photographed Melanie’s brothers wedding last year so when she asked me shoot hers as well i took it as a compliment.


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