Karlsruhe 1932 … Part 2

This may be the last batch of scans for a while, as the rest of the glass negatives are either highly over or under exposed. The standard software that comes with my scanner isn’t the best. It looks like i will probably have to invest in Silverfast or some thing similar.

ka scan 1938 lump-213

“Schloss Karlsruhe”


As far I have been able to find out the photos were taken by a Mr. Lump.

ka scan 1938 lump-200 ka scan 1938 lump-201“Fontänenbrunnen” am Haydnplatz


ka scan 1938 lump-202

“Waldhornstraße 18-20”

ka scan 1938 lump-203

“Amalienschlösschen am Nymphengarten”


ka scan 1938 lump-204“Friedrichsplatz, Lammstraße”

ka scan 1938 lump-205Weißer Berg, Erbprinzenstr. 34″

ka scan 1938 lump-208


ka scan 1938 lump-209“Stephanskirche”

ka scan 1938 lump-210

“Friedrichsplatz, Lammstraße”

ka scan 1938 lump-211

“Schloss Karlsruhe”

ka scan 1938 lump-212

“chinesische Teehäuschen im Fasanengarten”


Something I also found interesting was the individual packaging of each negative.

ka scan 1938 lump-206 ka scan 1938 lump-207 ka scan 1938 lump-214

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  1. Markus says:

    do any of those companies still exist?

    have you thought of recreating those images and blending them with today’s view?

  2. gayle lewis says:

    Fab pics….wonderful to have history recorded in beautiful photos.

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