Melanie and Arnaud

I love photographing multi cultural weddings, the mixing of 2 world in the festivities of a wedding. Melanie from Germany and Arnaud from France, their countries are only separated by a river. In fact their villages are only 15 minutes drive apart, but it took a chance meeting Spain to bring them together.

I photographed Melanie’s brothers wedding last year so when she asked me shoot hers as well i took it as a compliment.


We had a dream location in Rastatt, A place called Schloss Favorite it is the oldest of the German so-called ‘Porcellain Palaces’ and the only to survive intact to this day. Unfortunately it was a incredibly hot and bright the day of their wedding so we kept to the shaded areas and used a mobile studio flash with a beauty dish. This way the couple were kept fresh for the wedding but I couldn’t get all the shots I wanted.


And a special thanks to my assistant

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  1. Steve says:

    Don’t you ever sleep… What are you doing posting so late at night

  2. Hans says:

    Nice pictures

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