Tina and Cihan

As if history was repeating itself one week latter I had another multicultural wedding, and again is was the sister of a wedding I had photographed last year. This time it was a German Turkish wedding. As a small surprise a Turkish band met the couple on their way to the reception, and every body started to dance.


When east meets west the fusion is dynamic, the mixing of culture and ideas. To add to the cultural mix we shoot the portraits in an Asia garden in Krichtal. We had fantastic early morning light and great background colours. I used my standard mobile studio set up with a 50cm beauty dish as a key light and the sun as fill/back light.


And a special thanks to my assistant

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  1. Steve says:

    Guess I will have to find some one to marry me, so you can photography my wedding…. It’s one way of getting you to come back to OZ.

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