Karlsruhe 1932 … Part 1

Recently we were at “my Wife’s, Uncle’s, Partner’s birthday”. During dinner she remarked “Scott I have something for you”…. My ears picked up and was curious as to what she had. It turns out she was cleaning out her cupboards and found a box of 100 old glass negatives of Karlsruhe (the city in Germany where we live). The photos were taken by her long dead husbands farther. i.e my Wife’s, Uncle’s, Partner’s, ex- Farther in-law.


Inside the lid is a hand written date 27.9.32 which I presume is the date the negatives were developed. All 100 plates are 9x12cm and perfectly intact. So may plane was to some how digitize the photos and then donate the original and the digital version to the city all of records. Luckily the local Media Mart suffered flood damage and had a large clearance sale, I picked up the only large format scanner they had in stock very cheap. So over the next few weeks I hope to scan 1 or 2 negatives per night (on top of what I am already doing).  Here are the first few scans in no specific order and only re-sized for the web.


ka scan 1938 lump-100“Mühlburger Tor?”

ka scan 1938 lump-101“Stephanienbad”

ka scan 1938 lump-102“Zähringerstraße”

ka scan 1938 lump-103“Kloster Maulbronn “


ka scan 1938 lump-104


ka scan 1938 lump-105 ka scan 1938 lump-106“Hoftheater Karlsruhe

ka scan 1938 lump-107“Kloster Maulbronn ?”


ka scan 1938 lump-108 ka scan 1938 lump-109

“Schloss Bruchsal or Rastadt?”

ka scan 1938 lump-110“Kloster Maulbronn “


ka scan 1938 lump-111

“Karlsruhe Hauptbahnhof “

5 Responses to 'Karlsruhe 1932 … Part 1'

  1. gayle lewis says:

    Ettling Tor great shopping….eh.

    • Scott Lewis says:

      hi Mum … yes but the shopping centre got its name from the original city gate between Karlsruhe and Ettlingen

  2. Markus says:

    This is so awesome, what a tremendous find.

    An by the way, yes – those stairs are in Maulbronn…

    see this for reference.


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