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Table-Top with Tobias

Well that was a crazy shoot. 4 Models cancelled on me with in 24hours of the shoot so we had to improvise, the last one just hours before the shoot. Tobias (from g+ not FB) and I had talked about doing a triggertrap shoot in the past, so even with a lack of models we would test out the possibilities. We both threw stuff together and meet at the studio for and evening of experimental studio techniques.


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Using Triggertraps Mobile Part 1 … Basic set-up and Cable Release.

Basic set-up and Cable Release


 Outputs- Camera Setup

The first function available on the triggertrap Mobile is the “Cable Release”. It is the simplest function in the array of options and the best place to start off. And I will also cover some of the basic settings you can customise. Remember to use this set up you will need a smart phone with the app, a triggertrap dongle and the appropriate cable for your camera. But before you start to use the triggertrap you might want to set it up for your shooting style and camera.


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Triggertrap Mobile Review ….


This is one of those cool stories that only the internet could make possible. I meet a few of the guys from Triggertraps at Photokina this year.  There had been a lot of talk about them in on of the Flickr groups I administer so I wanted to check them out. Basically a few guys thought they had a great idea but needed the start up capital. Using Kickstarter they wanted to raise $25,000 (£16,000 / €20,000) to create their first product, Triggertrap v1. But got more than they bargained with an astounding 300% of the target amount, and nearly 900 backers funded them to the tune of $75,000 (£48,000 / €60,000). The item that interested me the most is the Triggertrap Mobile, which launched in May 2012.