Triggertrap Mobile Review ….


This is one of those cool stories that only the internet could make possible. I meet a few of the guys from Triggertraps at Photokina this year.  There had been a lot of talk about them in on of the Flickr groups I administer so I wanted to check them out. Basically a few guys thought they had a great idea but needed the start up capital. Using Kickstarter they wanted to raise $25,000 (£16,000 / €20,000) to create their first product, Triggertrap v1. But got more than they bargained with an astounding 300% of the target amount, and nearly 900 backers funded them to the tune of $75,000 (£48,000 / €60,000). The item that interested me the most is the Triggertrap Mobile, which launched in May 2012.

Triggertrap Mobile: iOS & Android app


Have you ever wanted to use your smart phone to control your camera. The “Triggertrap Mobile” consists of three parts:

  • the Triggertrap Mobile App
  • the Triggertrap Mobile Dongle
  • a camera connection cable (you will need the right cable for your camera manufacturer and model)

There are two versions of Triggertrap Mobile app for iOS and Android. NOTE: at the time I wrote this Triggertrap apps are all free to download during a free promotional period, this may change with time.

For iOS there is Triggertrap (which has 17 different modes, and costs $10 / £7 / €8), and Triggertrap Free (3 modes, free download).

The Android app only comes as a paid full-featured version with 8 different modes.

The iOS Triggertrap Mobile modes are are


  • Timelapse Mode
  • TimeWarp™ Mode
  • Sound sensor Mode
  • Shock & Vibration sensor Mode
  • Metal & magnetism sensor Mode
  • Facial recognition Mode
  • LE HDR Mode
  • LE HDR Timelapse Mode
  • DistanceLapse™ Mode
  • Motion detection Mode
  • Cable Release Mode
  • Star trail Mode
  • Bulb Ramping Timelapse
  • Wi-Fi Slave Mode
  • Wi-Fi Master Mode (trigger other devices running Triggertrap Mobile
  • Sunset & Sunrise Calculator
  • Lag-o-Meter