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Picture of Dorian Gray

This week I continued my Monday night studio project with Vincent as model and Stephanie as guest  photographer. A few months ago Vincent suggested a shoot based on Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. I jumped at the chance to do this shoot as the concept fitted will to a few ideas I have had floating around in the back of my head for a while now. It also bought back memories of when I read the book during a backpacking trip from Sydney to Perth way back in the mid 90’s. The concept behind this shoot was then to portray a journey of self destruction through light and lens choice, I also wanted to keep the lighting at around constant f8 (we actually shoot between f7.1 and 9) so that there was a continuation look and feel through out the night.



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Steampunk – Dieselpunk with PanicSona



I’ve been wanting to do some Steampunk for a while but after watching Iron Sky I added Dieselpunk to my wish list. PanicSona contacted me and said she was interested in doing something similar so I asked Amalsia if she would like to join me in the studio. Combining PanicSona costumes with my props we had more then enough stuff to shoot both styles.

Lady Aline Richter Van Helsing 


After experimenting with these genres a bit I’m really excited about doing more of shoots like this in the future.

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