Tanja and Sarah

Last week a John a  friend of mine was in town visiting, so I organises a last minute studio shoot. Tanja had only been to the studio once before when I was blogging the lightblaster, so this was a great chance to work together again. She was accompanied by Sarah who I quickly dragged into the shoot and she also was a great help setting up the scarves we used, so a special thanks the the girls.



John and I use a lot of the same equipment, we are both Sony Amount users and both use Godox Bare bulb flashes. So instead of shooting with all the amazing Bowens kit we have in the studio we used our Godox flashes so that we could both test out some of the kit that the other has. Luckily John didn’t bring everything he owns or other wise there wouldn’t be and room left in the studio, but adding his AD 360ws flash and 180° dome gave us everything we needed to have a lot of fun playing. Tanja and I had already swapped a few example photos so we both know the kind of look that we wanted, the examples were with a head scarf and a ring light and mostly head shoulder photos..

tania_blog_web-103 tania_blog_web-106 tania_blog_web-122 tania_blog_web-127 tania_blog_web-128 tania_blog_web-130  As we just bought a new ring light for the studio it seem like the perfect plan. I plan to blog some more about the ring light soon (comparing it to other ring lights and ring flashes)

tania_blog_web-101 tania_blog_web-133

And last but not least Sarah who only came along as a friend of Tanja’s and ended up not only working as our styling assistant but also got dragged into modelling as well. Thank for being a great sport and putting in such a great effort.

tania_blog_web-121tania_blog_web-120 tania_blog_web-125 tania_blog_web-135

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