Roundflash Dish Hands On Review ….

I have had a Roundflash for a while now and enjoy its portability, ease of use and simplicity. But the funny thing is I actually end up using it off camera more then on camera, like a consolable soft-box, which is how the new version is designed to be used.

SONY DSCThe new dish by Roundflash seen here on a 360ws bare-bulb flash

The Round Dish is a collapseable light-modifier for speedlights /system flashes and as seen above bare bulb flashes. As far as I know its the only foldable light shapers with the light characteristic of a Beauty dishs. Therefore piratical and portable for beauty, portrait and product photography on the go……

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The Basics

Here are a few interesting points I have noticed while using it….

  • It utilises a simple twist and collapse systems like many of the reflectors out there and is very compact once it is packed down.
  • Have a small metal rod inside for stability
  • Because of its diameter of 45 cm, the round Flash Dish is only suitable for use with off-camera flash
  • Combines the properties of a soft-box with the advantages of a Beauty dish
  • Suits my shooting style better then the original Roundflash
  • Smooth transitions between light and shadow
  • Uniform illumination (no hot spots) due to the internal reflector
  • Susceptible to wind but now where as bad as an umbrella


 All the images in the sideshow are from Roundflash and are not my photos.

I haven’t had the disk long but have done 3 shoots with it. The next few examples are done in the studio but I really do like the light it provides with soft skin tones and a nice catch  light in the eyes. What I would like to see Round-flash add is a honey comb grid that you can Velcro to the fount just to add that extra light control when needed but that is probably only me being pedantic ….

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Diameter 45cm \ 17,7″
Depth 22cm / 8,7″ (with strap)
Weight 155g \ 5,5oz
Weight w. pouch 181g \ 6,5oz
Pouch dimension 20cm x 16cm \ 7″ x 6″
Flash circ. 21,5cm ~ 26cm

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  1. Csongor Gál says:

    Hi Scott,

    I am contacting you for some recommendation related to the RoundFlash Dish.
    On location I am shooting with a pair of Godox Witstro AD180 bare bulb flashes.
    What is your recommendation, can I use the Dish with my flashes without damaging it with extensive use? It seems that bare bulb the flash fits inside the Dish, but the flash tube is gently touching the rubber band, maybe even the material (I am not sure). Would the light pattern be similar with the one expected with a traditional fresnel type speedlights?
    Thank you in advance for your feedback!

    Best Regards,

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