Marlen and Ulli

First off I want to thank Ulli and Marlen for jumping in last minute when my other model couldn’t make it. As is often the case with my Monday night shoots I was joined by another photographer this time fellow lightGIANT Tom bought his Leica …..


monday 24.11.2014_web-119Although we have a very well equip studio the plan with this shoot was actually only to use  “my studio in a bag” gear again as I wanted to test out some ideas and new light-modifiers (I will blog them in a few days but first off I just want to talk about this shoot). As for the lighting we used Bare bulb mobile flash units running from battery power, and a few basic lighting accessories, this way we didn’t do anything that can’t be done any where any location we just did it in the comfort of our own studio.

monday 24.11.2014_web-105

monday 24.11.2014_web-106


The first set up was actually very simply A grided octo-box 80cm camera left and a snoot on the background, we shot at around f5.6 and the theme for the girls was leather and fur (though of adding feathers but I have done so many feather shoots lately that we kept it out of the shoot)


monday 24.11.2014_web-113Used a retro look pre-set in light-room for a bit of fun


The Next lighting set up was one of my faves from the evening. By placing a 180cn silver umbrella behind the girls with a small amount of flash to give it some shape and form, and then lighting Marline and Ulli with a 60×80 softbox directly above then on the camera axis….
monday 24.11.2014_web-116 monday 24.11.2014_web-117 monday 24.11.2014_web-120 monday 24.11.2014_web-121

I love this look,  at one stage we put some colour gels on the background flash but it wasn’t a good as we hoped.


The next set up involved a new toy called the “Roundflash Dish” its a kind of portable beauty dish but more details about it next time first off here are some of the results. The “Roundflash Dish” was above the camera axis and we added a hair light from directly behind the models.


monday 24.11.2014_web-128 monday 24.11.2014_web-131 monday 24.11.2014_web-133diagram_medium3 monday 24.11.2014_web-137

Our final light set up was some constant lighting as Tom wanted to try out a ring light with his Leica, we kept the background light set up similar but changed the key light to a ring-light.

monday 24.11.2014_web-140 monday 24.11.2014_web-141

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  1. Julie says:

    Nice lighting and crisp as ever.
    Great work!

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