SONY Off-camera shoe adapter FA-CS1M

The FA-CS1M MI Shoe adapter allows for easy connection of your system flash using a Sony Extension Cable Flash FA-EC1AM.




On 12 September 2012, Sony introduced a new 21+3-pin metal-based hotshoe with mechanical quick locking mechanism, called Multi Interface Shoe, replacing the classical Minolta style flash shoe. At first sight it resembles a standard ISO 518 hotshoe with just the middle contact and chassis and without any vendor-specific extra contacts, but additional contacts are hidden under the front of the hotshoe. The new hotshoe is mechanically incompatible with the iISO hotshoe. The first cameras to use the new hotshoe are the SLT-A99, NEX-6, NEX-VG900, NEX-VG3, DSC-RX1 and α7-series .

709px-IISO_flash_shoe_Minolta+SONYThe Old Minolta style hotshoe

When ever you change a standard there will always be a transition period where work around and adapters are needed (as was the case when Minolta develoed their own style of hot shoe). In the 12 months following the release of the Multi Interface Shoe there haven been any 3rd party products that i know of to be released with the new shoe, instead you have had to use an ADP-MAA adapter to the iISO flash shoe. Sony have anounced a product that make a lot of scene to me. The  FA-CS1M  will let you use your flashes a Sony Extension Cable Flash FA-EC1AM

$_12I see a lot of advantages in this device, not just as an off shoe flash cable for the new flash mount, but I still have a lot of old Minolta kit that uses the same cable pin out. As soon as I can get my hands on one I will let you know of any compatibility issues.  But as I see it this is how the concept of the  FA-CS1M  works. On top is a Multi Interface Shoe that will allow you to use any Multi Interface Shoe devises you have but also let you use the existing Minolta / Sony TTL flash cable system via the 4-pin TTL cable port on the front. $_121

2 Responses to 'SONY Off-camera shoe adapter FA-CS1M'

  1. Andy C says:

    I just bought an a7II and would like to use the new niissin i40 flash on camera which has the mi
    shoe and still be able to fire a remote manual flash via a sync cord…I think this adapter may fill the purpose if I can adapt their cable to a standard mini phono jack for my paul buff cyber sync

  2. nixland says:

    Hi, can I do this :
    I put the FA-CS1M on top of my A7 and then put HVL-F43M on top of FA-CS1M.
    Then I connect the FA-CS1M to another FA-CS1M (with what cable?) and mount Pixel King or Phottix Odin on top of this second FA-CS1M.
    The purpose is that while I am still able to put a flash on camera, I can triggered other off camera flash with my Pixel trigger with TTL and HSS.


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