Horror Movie….

Well this was one of those shoots that I will never forget. I had wanted to do a 1950’s B / Horror shoot for a while now, but Murphy’s law kicked in and the chaos ensued….



For various reasons 80% of the models canceled shortly before the shoot, which left us with out a Mummy or bride of Frankenstein. But lucky 2 of my favorite models model put in lots of extra effort Steve who was Aragorn and Panicsona from my Steam/diesel-punk shoot earlier this year. Its a shame the others couldn’t make it but the shoot must go on, after I finished panicking I mentally re-planed the shoot.



 “Who will survive and what will be left of them?”


The original idea was that Tom should join us, we would split up into 2 groups and shoot in and around a small like that has a small hut and an old playground. Then at random time intervals swap models and locations. Instead of mixing it we we both shoot the same models in the same locations….



 “Don’t miss this shock-crammed punch-packed double thriller-chiller terror program!”

Part of the plan was to shoot with Pixel King TTL triggers to help reduce the time between setups making it easier and quicker to change locations and setups. Unfortunately the next major disaster hit us only 30 minutes into the shoot, the skys opened up and it poured down in buckets. We managed to get all the gear into the small hut that was going to be the location just in time, after running through a lightning storm to get to my car we headed off to the nice dry studio……



The basic out side set up with small soft box as key light and a shoot through as fill



The basic studio set up with a shoot through as key light and a flash bounced of a reflector as fill

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  1. Marco says:

    Cool idea and great pictures!

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