Rockabella Kat….

I have been having a lot of fun with my 2013 project, unfortunately I’m going away for the next few weeks so I wont have the chance to shoot in the studio. But this week I was shooting with Rockabella Kat as model  and Snow White as guest photographer.


Kat did a fantastic job modelling for the first time she quickly adapted to the new situation and put in a lot of effort.

Paramount Lighting, sometimes called Butterfly Lighting for the shape of the shadow it forms under the nose, is a female glamour lighting style. It works best for women with strong cheek bones and good skin. This lighting is not typically used with male subjects. The key light is placed high with the fill light directly under it. Keeping the light close to the subject, watch for the butterfly shaped shadow to form under the nose. Be careful not to place their eyes in shadow. The fill light is placed at roughly head height and can be accompanied or replaced by a reflector under the face to lighten the shadows under the chin and lower cheek. I  set up 2 beauty dishes with Bowens 400ws strobes in a basic clamshell set up and set them 45° to the camera left. I added 2 strip (also with Bowens 400ws monoblocks) lights as rim lighting, so it added a bit more of that film noir look

The second lighting set-up was to leave the rim lights (2x strip lights with Bowens 400ws) and replace the Beauty dishes with 1 octo-box. I placed the Octobox as far back in the studio as I could (almost blocking the studio entrance) and set it very flat at eye level. This way my silhouette caused a C shaped catch light in the eyes.

Kat 1 Kat 2

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  1. Steve says:

    WOW mate cool styling

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