My Monday night shoot this week was with Lulu and Steffen. The concept was to do a high-key based shoot with strip-lights in different positions. I took lighting ideas from past shoots and mixed them up to match the look I wanted to achieve.



The lighting was planed to progress over the evening in easy steeps based on the last light-setup. I started off with a large octo-box as back lighting and 2 reflectors placed in the front. Then I replaced the large octo-box with 2 strip lights, pointing directly onto the reflectors.






6 Responses to 'LULU …'

  1. Lungo says:

    Good work!!!! Beautiful women!!! Keep on!!!!

  2. Steve says:

    Mate she looks lots better and oil and water. Please do not do that to me again

    • Scott Lewis says:

      Thanks dude but I want to shoot a variety of things who knows what will pop up in the future ….

  3. Lulu Götze says:

    Very good work! Thanks a lot!!!!

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