Tethered direct to Lightroom with an Alpha

The first thing you will need to do is download the latest version of Sony Remote capture. Note the only supported cameras are A700, A850,A900,A99 (I don’t know about the A77). Your camera will need to be set to “USB connection  : Remote PC”



The Auto Import feature automatically imports photos into a Lightroom catalogue by monitoring a watched folder for photos and then importing them into a destination folder in the catalogue. After you specify auto-import settings, you can simply drag photos into the watched folder, and Lightroom imports them automatically, allowing you to bypass the import window.

Auto Import is useful if Lightroom doesn’t support your camera for tethered import: You can use third-party software to download photos from your camera to a watched folder.

If Lightroom starts automatically when you attach a camera or card reader to your computer and you want to turn off this functionality, change your import preferences. See Set import and file-handling preferences.

Enable automatically importing photos


 Choose File > Auto Import > Enable Auto Import.