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Achim D

 Chiaroscuro (Italian for “light/dark”)

Caravaggio is one of my favorite painters,  so I knew I wanted the subject to glow against a kind of shroud of inky blackness. Hair, eyes, little pieces of textured clothing–these were the things I wanted to highlight. They needed to come out of black nothingness.


But funny enough my fave photo from the evening was not one I was planning.


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This week my plan was to only work with a large Octo-Box. But as things always work out I ended up getting carried away but it was a lot of fun. Stefanie modelled and  Andreas joined me as part of my 2013 project.



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A few weeks ago I saw several photos of a model simply warped in material an light with only one key light. The simplicity of it really appealed to my so I decided to do something similar. Alica  and I had planed to shoot together last year but due to complications it unfortunately never happened, so I took this opportunity to catch up.


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