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Before there was Photoshop II …. The Cottingley Fairies

Wow, well seems there are other people out there that like the topic other then me. Thanks for all the links to other examples. And pointing out that there is actually an exhibit at the  Metropolitan Museum of Art called fake it.

Before there was photoshop, there was Man Ray. One of the world’s most original photographers, Ray was tireless experimenter. In fact, his work was so inventive that he eventually left the camera behind altogether, creating his surreal “Rayographs” entirely in the darkroom.

More about Man Ray soon (first need to check out about image rights etc)

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Before there was Photoshop…..


photo magazine from 1941 with photo manipulation tips

The other day I came across some examples of “Photo manipulation” prior to Photoshop. Image manipulation in the dark room is nothing new but it took a whole lot more patients, skill and time. NO undo or save button. Much has been made over Photoshops ability to distort reality, and perhaps lower the standards for image capture as young photographers assume they can “fix it in post.” However, almost all of these abilities have existed as long as there have been photographs to alter, albeit with a little more manual labour. As people were not as aware of the the possibilities photo manipulation was a powerful tool for both propergander and art alike


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