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Photokina …. Part II

After finally finding my way out of the labyrinth that was “made in china world” I set of to find Ben and Teymur, all I knew was that they were somewhere… And as fate would have it as I was on the going down escalator there they were passing by on the opposite escalator going up  …


Having a chance to catch up with the guys was great, they were there working for Manfrotto and dragged me along with them to the RED camera stand which seem like a good idea at the time….

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Photokina 2012 Part 1



Unfortunately I only got to spend 1 day at photograph this year but what a day…. I had several stands on my visit list and managed to get to them all and pick up a few cool toys for the studio at the same time.


Sony and Hasselbald

The big news this year would have to be the Hasselbald Luna. The prototypes that we got to play with are based on the Sony NEX 7, but with custom hand made body. It sits very nicely in the hand (even with my big sausage fingers). It will be custom hand made to order in a variety of finished but at approximately 5000€ its not in my price  category.

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