D.I.Y Lighting Project


A few months ago I suggested building a fake church window out of card and colour gels.  Well we never got around to it but it has been in the back of my head ever since then. Today I wanted to do some thing a bit creative with my son … so we built it


Just before Miles went to be he said I can’t wait to see the blog tomorrow daddy …. OPPPPPPS blog why didnt I think of that. So if you are wondering why there are no making of photo well now you know :).


We stopped in at the local hardware store and got some black spray paint, glue and a large cardboard box. I sketched the shape of the window and we cut it out with a craft knife. The best part was painting it all black, I ran out of black paint so the back actually isn’t painted but no one will see that in the studio any way. 1/2 an hour latter we could glue the colour gels inside the box and tesed it wit a bright lamp.

Latter I lined the inside of the box with white plastic to help reflect the light a bit more, and placed a layer of white plastic over the back of the colour gels so that they had a smoother softer colour. Now the plan is to do is take it to the studio, cut a hole in the back of the box and point a studio flash through the hole. Next week I will try it with a model in the studio as a background lighting effect …. Hope you liked the blog Miles 😉

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  1. Steve says:

    Cool… when will you be coming back to Melbourne?

  2. Christian K. says:

    It looks like there is a problem with the link in the preface…

    For me it reads like

    “Read more «Pimp my Camera ….»” class=”more-link”>Read more «Pimp my Camera ….»”

  1. […] final light set up was with a home church window and a flagged strip light so that I used at-least one of my planed light set ups for the evening. […]

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