Yoga with Jasmine

I’m working a a few projects for local fitness trainer Moritz from “BASIS Karlsruhe” at the moment, he needs some high resolution photos for life sizes print. And his first request was a handstand….


He showed me an example of what he wanted and let me get on with it. The requirements were a crisp white background for so its easy for his graphic artist to work with and high enough resolution to print out at life size.


joga_web-103When the customer wants/needs only one image and is happy with the results in the first few takes isn’t a reason to stop. We had about an hour and a half until my next appointment in the studio so we used that time to have some fun. Jasmine was amazing and kept suggesting new and more interesting poses. To be honest it hurt me just to look at some of the things she was doing.



joga_web-102 joga_web-107

My lighting set up was very easy  a set of strip-light left and right with Bowens 400ws flashes pointed at a 45° angel to the background. and I metered the light on the model at f5.6. This worked perfect for all the vertical photos with Jasmine being only lit by silhouette and spill light . But for the horizontal photos I added a 180cm octobox high above the camera as fill light .



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