Studio in a Bag: Replica – band shoot

A few weeks back I was invited to re-shoot the band Replica. As they had changed their line up…..

Replica II -100

There were a few things I was interested in testing out so this was the perfect opportunity to blog my “studio in a bag” concept (I have actually be out shooting and testing a lot lately¬† but most of the shoots were business portraits or private shoots that weren’t for blogging). My set up idea was simple one flash off shoe in a 40cm hexabox as key light and a small flash on camera set to a low power as fill. This set up is very lite and mobile allowing me move around the practice room looking for the ideal position with as little disruption to the band as possible.

The Hexagonal¬† 40 cm softbox is quick and easy to set up but that said if any one is interested in getting one I would recommend getting getting the 60cm version as it has a much larger light spread isn’t that much more expensive

SONY DSC SONY DSC2 shots of the hexa-box I use for this shoot


For the post production I adjusted the histogram into an S-Curve (I once had a cool plug in for this but it wasn’t compatible with lightroom 4 or 5) of to give the images that older retro faded photo look, which is a totally different look to what we did last time.

Before/After Image Crossfade by The Traveling Designer


SONY DSC replica-118 replica-119 replica-121 SONY DSC

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