Björn III

Bjorn was back in the studio for the 3rd time this year, this time the concept was simply to portray a series of fun facial expressions but using a standard business portrait set up.

björn III_web-102


Björn doing a light-test

The lighting setup stayed the same all night, also my camera way fixed on a tripod and Björn was on a bar stool. This way his general position in the image as well as the lighting and exposure remained constant, and the only thing to change would be his expressions. Everything was shot with a Zeiss 85mm 1.4 at f/11 and 1/125th iso 100, the key light (A Bowens 400ws Gemini with a 80×60 softbox)) was as close as i could get it to the subject with out it actually being in the photo (part of the reason I used a tripod). A Bowens 200ws was placed behind the model with a honey comb grid pointing at the background to create a natural vignette behind Björn, finally there was a very small amount of fill light from the sides that was 2 strip lights bouncing off reflectors.


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