Mopedfreunde Oberhausen e.V.

Mopedfreunde Oberhausen e.V.  are a local club the is based entirely around historical 50cc Mopeds. When they asked if I was willing to help them out with a few photos at their summer festival I was more than happy to help out.


Over the years I have found that I love to photograph people that are passionate about something, borderline obsess e.g Designers, Bands, Clubs etc. I love to see how people really get in to that thing that interests them. And these guys and girls fitted perfect into that motive.

The crew …. I hope I didn’t miss any body  


Unfortunately I was shooting from  11am to 2:30pm in the bright hot sun, not the optimal time to be out shooting. To counter most of the harsh lighting problems I had 2 solutions. For all the close up work I hid under my reflector crating a nice area of soft light and no harsh mid day sun. For the shot when i I was out and about i used my Pixel King triggers and held a large flash in my left hand, this allowed me to shoot at high speed sync and throw a bit of fill flash into some of the shadows.

It is a very large gallery this time i know….

SONY DSC SONY DSCfinally i want to thank the 2 people that made it a special day for Milla while i was working 

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