Pixel King for Sony Part 1

Last Easter John came to visit and shoot in the part with us. The saberproject were training and we went along to shoot them. As always John had some new toys to show me (he suffers from G.A.S, gear acquisition syndrome) and always tempts me with his evil new purchase...PIXEL KING for Sony. Now I’m not a big fan of TTL flash so then he told me hay try these triggers with TTL support I was like “Jeap ok TTL blaa blaa blaa”. I was wrong its actually a cool thing to have especially HSS support. .


I have a lot of non TTL kit, manual flashes and mobile studio flash with battery pack etc and never really felt the draw back to doing it all manual. My only real annoyance was sync speeds outside, with manual flash set up I’m limited to 1/200th of a second. In the studio that has never been a problem as I control everything, but outside ambient light could force me to stop down a lot more then I wanted to.

Pixel-KING-TTL-Funk-Blitzausloeser-System-fuer-Sony-DSLR-Kameras.pngBut as we ran around the park with constantly changing lighting condition I must admit I found their ease of use very piratical. Our flashes were inside a softbox, on a boom arm. I simply told John where to stand with the boom and only have to concentrate on aperture and composition. It really did simplify thing and I really got into the shoot.

  • Compatible Flash models:
    • Sony HVL-F58AM, HVL-F43AM, HVL-F42AM;
    • Minolta  5600 HSD, 3600 HSD *
    • Metz dedicated Sony TTL flash
    • Sigma dedicated Sony TTL flash
    • Sunpak dedicated Sony TTL flash
    • Nissin dedicated Sony TTL flash
    • other studio and outdoor flash


John with the staff of power 

So last week I ended up ordering 2 sets. And have replaced my old non ttl triggers with them, the advantage being i can now have the choice TTL or non TTL, and as the trigger and receiver both use normal AA batteries I don’t need any extra batteries in my camera bag.  I have only tested the Sony version but the Canon and Nikon versions are just as good.

Wireless system 

 System model : FSK 2.4GHz Wireless System
 Operation Range:

100M above

 Channel: 7


 Flash mode :

 Synchronous mode : Former shade, high-speed synchronization
 Operation Range: 100M

 Group control :

Three categories (7 kinds of mode)
 Synchronous speed: 1/8000S
 Compatible with flash: Airborne flash light, shadow room lights, outdoor flash light

Trigger mode

Transmitter : Output support TTL mode, input support PC, hot boots triggered

Output support TTL, support hot boots, cable interface triggered


Transmitter :

USB, PC cable input socket, hot boots input and hot boots output


USB, PC cable outlet, hot boots output

Power Supply

Applicable battery : TX :  AAX2pc (support 1.2 V rechargeable batteries)
RX:   AAX2pc (support 1.2 V rechargeable batteries)
Standby Time:

TX :  43800 Hours
RX:  250 Hours

Working Time: TX:  100 Hours
RX:  120 Hours

Included Items:

   King transmitter: 1pc
   King receiver: 1pc
   connecting cable(BL-1/2) : 1pc
   connecting cable(BL-3.5) : 1pc
   receiver holder : 1pc
   Instruction manual : 1pc



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  1. Paul says:

    I don’t see a test button on the transmitter? Is that correct?

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