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Time to catch up on some of the shoots I’ve been in the last 6 weeks. Ill start off with Linda, originally I wanted to get out of the studio but the weather just didn’t let us.


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Black and White with Nadine

I have quite a few shoots on at them moment and wont have time to blog them all but I’ll do my best to blog as much as I can especially the lighting setups


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Studio in a bag Part III … Nina and the Hexagonal mobile softbox Diffuser-40

Nina jumped in last minute to fill in ….. and saved the day. So before I do any more thanks so much.


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The many colours of Faye

A while back I saw some cool photos using colour gels as a foreground, I wanted to use this idea and push it a bit further. But first I had to work out how exactly to light it for the affect I was looking for.

many colours of faye_small-105

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Sarah with a Feather

I meet Sarah Tam when she modelled at one of out lightGIANTS Friday night workshops. But like all the workshops I don’t really get much of a chance to shoot, just do lighting tests. But we got talking and threw a few ideas back and forth. Unfortunately it took us a few months to find a date where we both had time….

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Aerial Silks with Susanne

Susanne (from and I have been trying to get this shoot together for a while now so i was really happy when it finally worked out.

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Light Blaster Part 3 … Nina

The end of the year draws near and I have so much I want get finished (including 6 or 7 blog entries). Nina was in the studio a few weeks ago for a “Light Blaster” shoot as I had a few more ideas to test out.

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Battle of the Sony 24 Mega pixel cameras…. A900 vs A99 vs A7

First off this isn’t going to be a totally technical blog with all the numbers and technical differences between the 3 cameras, yes there will be a bit but there are enough people out there doing stuff like that. I’m more interested in the how it feels, what I see personally as an advantage or disadvantages for my shooting needs.


I own both A mount cameras (A900 and A99) and Roland bought his fresh out of the box A7 (with A mount adapter). The lenses I decided to use are the 4 lenses I use the most: Zeiss 24-70 2.8, Sony 50mm 1.4, Zeiss 85mm 1.4 and Minolta 100mm 2.8 macro. I deliberately chose lenses I use a lot and split the shoot up in to 3 parts east part had a different lighting set up (although each set up was similar ). The first set was shot at f8 the second set at f5.6 and the third at F2.8, I deliberate chose the 3 apertures that I use the most so that the whole shoot was typically in a style I would shoot at a normal shoot and not some thing I’m experimenting with to blog about.

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Björn III

Bjorn was back in the studio for the 3rd time this year, this time the concept was simply to portray a series of fun facial expressions but using a standard business portrait set up.

björn III_web-102


Björn doing a light-test

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Monster Lisa Part I …..

A while back Lisa G was in the studio again, unfortunately with the wedding season coming to an end I didn’t get to finish the photos in time for Halloween like I originally planed.  Also I took way to many photos as her friends joined in the fun so I have cut this blog in 1/2. Nominally when some one leaves the studio the photos are already 80% finished and I simply have to develop the raw data, but as my Monday project I need more ideas and do a lot more post production so they every shoot doesn’t look the same.


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